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 Women's League 2024 

 Play May 1st - Sept 26th 

WEDNESDAY'S:   11-12   3:30-4:30   4:40-6:00

THURSDAY'S:   4:30 - 6:00

(this block will be shared with the Men's League)

 Register March 6th 

On March 6th, the RED registration links below will be ACTIVE!

After you pay, you are officially signed up for the league. You will have the option to pay online, or in the Pro Shop before May 1st.


Please make sure you and your friends sign up together, as there are only a specific number of spots available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. There is also a FAQ at the bottom of this page.

The blocks below will accommodate tee times every 10 minutes.
For example, if you sign up for the 11-12 block, you can put your name on the tee sheet for 11:00. 11:10, 11:20, 11:30 etc. 
so long as another league players name isn't already posted
FULL WED BLOCK 3:30-4:30
FULL WED BLOCK 4:40-6:00

Women’s golf at CPGC is incredibly celebrated, which is why this year we’ve included a gathering for community socializing and fun. We thought it would be a great addition to the league to encourage more women to play and enjoy the sport. The below registration fee is going to provide more benefits than ever before, and we are quite excited! There are...

 4 Registration Optionss 

Giving you the freedom to register any way you decide!

Registration $100 

Play golf this summer, with an amazing community of Women!

What's included in this price...

2 chances at weekly prize giveaways

You are eligible to buy the 7 for 5 games pass! (This pass costs $155 which gives you a $62 discount on your green fees. This pass is only valid for CPGC league games.) If you purchased a game pass last season that isn't yet finished, you are welcome to use it this year.

22 weeks of blocked time to book a game with your friends and community!

Canada Golf Membership
Add On  $147.50

CPGC is offering you something SPECIAL!

For the first time ever, Centennial Park Golf is offering a Golf Canada Membership at a discounted price to all League Members!

What's included in this price...

Your registration fee + a discounted rate for joining Golf Canada! The regular price is $59.95 +tax and our price is $42 +tax. 

Here's WHY you want to register with Golf Canada...

Officially registering your handicap won’t only benefit you individually, but it will also keep track of your progress within the CPGC league. When more players take advantage of this opportunity, we can recognize the progress made throughout the season. The regular price is $59 +tax but when you join through our club, the price is reduced to $42 +tax. 

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 8.26.43 PM.png

A Private Lesson $160

Are you interested in receiving a private golf lesson with a coach?

Our Director of Golf, David Bernards and Graham Turrentine who has 25+ years of golf experience are offering a private lesson to our Women's League Members!

What's included in this price...

Your registration fee + a single 45-minute lesson with a coach.  Gain professional insight, helpful adjustments and establish your confidence out on the course!

The cost of this lesson is $60. A great value only offered to members of the Women's League!  

Everything Above! $207.50

Register for the WHOLE 'kit and caboodle'

With golf perks this sweet... who's stopping you!?

What's included in this price...

The registration fee

A membership with Golf Canada

A single 45 minute lesson with a coach!



Can someone else register for me?

Yes! If you are out of town, or have trouble with forms, a friend or family member can sign up for you! They won't need your credit card number. All they need from you is perk you want to sign up for, and a correct email address.

Once I register, is that it?
Not quite. I will be sending out a separate email following registration with a link for you to pay for Women's League. Once you pay, you're all set!

What time does registration open?
At 6am, the links will go LIVE! 

Do you have to sign up as a foursome?
No! You can sign up as a single player and add your name to an open spot on the tee sheet weekly.

Are the add ons available throughout the season?
Yes! If you decide later on to register with Golf Canada or to book a lesson, those options will still be available to you. Email for more info.

Is this league set up weekly or bi-weekly?

This year CPGC has set up the Women's League for weekly games regardless of a Wednesday or Thursday playing schedule, however you're not required to play weekly. How often you book your tee times will depend on your availability.

Green fees & Rentals

Not included in your registration fee is the cost of rentals and green fees. To find our updated price list, visit our RATES page.

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